Time for Some Spring Cleaning!

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Home Improvement

It's time for some outdoor spring maintenance! 

Start on the outside and move your way in.

First, a few tips:  Start at the top and work your way down.

• Inventory your cleaning supplies and products and make sure you have enough--garbage bags, vacuum bags, paper towels, rags, rubber gloves, etc. Take them with you in a bucket or other container so you won't have to go searching for what you need.

 Tackle the garage  and shed first. Appraise your tool collection--get rid of tools you don't use or that are rusted or beyond repair.  Install wall system with hooks on the walls to hang tools .Take a blower to all surfaces and get rid of all dust, dirt and cobwebs. 

• Run your sprinkler system to make sure there are no broken heads or leaks. 

• Walk the perimeter and check the foundation for any water intrusion, pest infestation and improper grading all of which can compromise the structure . Any moisture up against the home can lead to water rot with wood and termites. This left unchecked can lead to costly nightmares and structural issues. These are the type of things that if you're not looking for them you won't notice it, so pay close attention.

• Inspect the roof  and side for any evidence of water intrusion then power wash. Remove debris from gutters.