Getting the Most Out of Your Home Inspection

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A home inspection is designed to protect you against any unforeseen problems and costs when you least expect them. If there are any latent, structural or safety defects affecting the home, you want to find out about them BEFORE you buy the property.

The home inspection is also a wonderful opportunity for you to learn about your new home, how it functions and how to best maintain it. A good home inspector will communicate with you, throughout the inspection and make valuable recommendations. 


It is important to have realistic expectations going in. While a leaky faucet is common and should not be considered a “deal breaker”, a horizontal crack, across the living room wall, is a huge, red flag!

Expect a typical home inspection to run between $500 and $700 and last 2-5 hours, depending on the size, age, and complexity of the home.

The seller is not required to make repairs but that does not mean the buyer does not have the right to ask for any. This is where a good realtor and attorney will be worth their weight in gold. They will guide you through what’s most important and how to structure any requests to increase the likelihood of you getting what you want.


1.Get recommendations from your realtor. They will have a list of reputable, experienced home inspectors they’ve worked with. 

2. Ask for sample reports, memberships in professional associations, professional training, and experience. These will help you make the best decision.

3. Refrain from showing up with a family entourage. This will distract you, and the inspector, from the task at hand.

4. No matter how new or nice the house appears, on the surface, don’t EVER waive a home inspection. This is a big investment and you MUST protect yourself! 

4. Don’t hire your cousin, Jimmy (the contractor), in order to save a few bucks, unless he is a licensed home inspector. The attorneys will only consider reports from accredited inspectors, if there is anything that needs to be remediated or evaluated further.