Decorating Smaller Spaces

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Making Smaller Spaces Feel Bigger


1. Use mirrors. This is to reflect light and create more depth. It really works and the extra daylight makes you happier! Hang mirrors opposite your windows. Bring the outside in! 

2. Keep walls a neutral and light color so that the space does not close in around you. The color can come from your decor or personal items. 

3. With limited space, best to get things off the floor and hang them ie plants, coat hooks versus coat racks. 

4. And speaking of storage,use a trunk for an end table, putting your winter sweaters inside. Buy furniture, such as ottomans and tables, that have storage space inside. Arrange what goes into your shelves . Pullout drawers and peg boards to separate plates and pots keep you organized.

5. Use foldable furniture to save space when not in use.

6. Look for furniture that fits the proportions of your room . Too big and the room will feel cramped.  Too small and now everything will look small!  

7. Use sheer window coverings to let in the light.

8. Most importantly, let your own personal style shine through regardless of how much space you have to work with. Let your space reflect who you are, and visitors won’t even notice the size.